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1953 Dodge B-4 “Pilot House” Truck Shop Manual PDF


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PDF Downloadable • Printable Shop Manual for  the 1953 Dodge B-4 Series “Pilot House” Pickup Trucks

568 Page PDF includes detailed service procedures for front axle, rear axle, brakes, clutch, cooling system, electrical system, gasoline engine, diesel engine, fuel, frame, springs, shock absorbers, steering, transmission, transfer case, universal joints, propeller shaft, wheels, tires, and body.

Print only the pages you need out in the shop to get the job done and toss them when you are finished. Save your nice original printed manual. PLUS, search the document quickly for the content & part numbers you need. Dont wait for a CD in the mail when you can have your digital PDF manual in minutes! Buy now and save time & money!

B-4-B, B-4-C, B-4-D, B-4-PW, B-4-DU, B-4-EU, B-4-, B-4-G, B-4-GA, B-4-H, B-4-HA, B-4-HM, B-4-HMA, B-4-J, B-4-JA, B-4-JM, B-4-JMA, B-4-K, B-4-KA, B-4-KMA, B-4-R, B-4-RA, B-4-T, B-4-TA, B-4-V, B-4-VA, B-4-Y, B-4-YA, and B-4-YX.